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If you are going for a vacation with your partner, family or friends, discussions might arise about how to spend the time. So what about trying this holiday season to fulfil everybody´s top 3 wishes for their desired form of relaxation?


Use our cards to name what type of activity would make the holiday time great and relaxing for each of you, and then make a deal.



How to use the cards for making a holiday deal


Download, print out and cut out the following set of cards for each person you are spending the holiday with, including yourself. As the cards are just for inspiration, you can change them or write any number of new ones. For example, you can create cards with your kids´ favourite forms of activity, and include the children in the discussion.

Everybody gets the same set, and everybody can choose or add any number of cards that represent their wishes for this holiday season. After that, each person needs to pick their top three.

When everybody is ready, show the chosen three cards to each other, and explain what is really important about the wishes you have chosen.

Some wishes might require resources, such as time, money, particular weather or a particular state of health, so you can talk together about realistic possibilities and ideas about how to fulfil them.

It is not essential that each wish be fulfilled during the entire holiday time, but each person should get some time and opportunity to fulfil their own wishes.

If some of the wishes require action also from the others (e.g. if you say you would like to go dancing, or for a dinner together), you can ask the involved person(s), but do not force them. Instead, suggest making a deal.



Suggest the deal


Each person involved, think about the following suggestion, and decide whether you would like to make the following holiday deal:

This holiday season, every one of us could enjoy their most desired forms of relaxation, if we all try to make each other´s top 3 wishes come true.

Any other wishes are optional and can be negotiated.

Would you agree?


The cards to download, print out (one A4 sheet) and cut:


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