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Check it through the questions in this article.

You have a chance to achieve anything you wish if you: know what you want, focus on it, and persist.

But for all of those, you need to know yourself really well. That is why coaching, besides developing skills and planning action, always includes learning more about yourself.

What do you think? Do you know yourself well?


You can try to answer the following questions and find it out, plus get to know yourself even better.


  • What does a full, rich life mean to you?


  • Who are you? Who must you be to feel it is still you?


  • If you had unlimited resources (money, time etc), what would you actually do in life?


  • What are your biggest talents and gifts?


  • What pleases you and motivates you to action?


  • What are your biggest concerns?


  • What do you need from others: partnership, family life, and/or friendship?


  • What do you offer without expecting anything back?


  • What do you need in your working life to feel fulfilled?


  • What useful attribute can you offer to an employer, customers or clients?


  • What helps you combine the different important roles you have in life?


  • What is home for you?


  • How would you like to use the current phase of your life?


  • If you could change anything about your current life, what would you like to keep the same and what would be the change?


  • What would you like to decide about in the near future? Is there any important decision you have been avoiding?


  • How can you find support?


  • What have been your great inspirations in life?


  • How can you recharge your batteries when you have difficult times?


  • If you want to be true to yourself, what are you going to do next?


Those were a few examples of the questions we would explore through coaching if you wanted to go deeper and decide about a direction in life that would give you satisfaction.

What have you found out: do you know yourself well? Would you like to know yourself better?

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