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There is something very natural in our need to make clear what is and what is not our fault in problematic situations and relationships. We want to know it ourselves, and we want to explain it to others, too.

However, you might easily discover that asking whose fault it was does not really lead you towards any improvement in the situation. That might be the time to move on, and ask yourself what your options are now and what you can do actively to make your situation better.


Who are you making friends with, when you live abroad - nationals of your home country, other expats, or locals?


This is the inner voice telling you that you can´t make it, that you are not good enough, fast enough, funny enough or smart enough: or perhaps that you are too selfish, too clumsy or too boring... It will tell you whatever will make you stop and take a step back.


Whether taking time off or not, the summer season at work usually differs from the rest of the year. It brings special challenges as well as opportunities. There are three things for which summer time is particularly good: fully switching off from work - even if only for a few days; learning something new about yourself; and using these previous two to make a change in your work life. 


Your work environment includes all sorts of formal characteristics such as company size, geographical location and security level of contracts, but also informal features that describe how things are typically made and done at the workplace.


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