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Have you ever been invited to a group event, a party or an official networking opportunity and you sweat with fear when you imagine the foyer and yourself in it? Then the following tricks are for you, because yes, there are efficient ways to reduce that stress.


Big tidying-up at your workplace


Tidying up at home includes the old spring cleaning classics: reorganizing the wardrobes, shoe shelves and kitchen drawers, wiping the hidden corners, airing the duvets and letting the breeze in through the wide-open windows.

The principle can be pretty much the same when applied to your career and life.


How long is too long, and how to present yours to employers


No gap is too long if you manage to convince the employer that you have not lost work habits or contact with the field you want to work in.


Happy choices are usually those that are in harmony with your most important values. This article describes how values influence our long-term satisfaction or stress, and how knowing your values can help you make important decisions in life.


Do you sometimes wonder how you can be so different from “typical” representatives of your professional area? Congratulations: that means you have extra leverage in your career. You have at least three ways to use it, all three pretty good.


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