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A negative feedback for a final interview made me think that getting some coaching advice could help me to be prepared to jump successfully into the European scenario...


"Until that moment, my professional life has been pretty smooth, I could jump from a job to another without many difficulties, but both, that I wanted something more stable, and the economic situation of Spain, pushed me to focus my career internationally and face the consequences.

The beginning of my job seeking period was quite lonesome and boring, later the job interviews were taking place, and I worked very hard preparing them for a few long months without positive results. I was shortlisted for the first interview or the second one, but never got the job.

Coaching with Aneta helped me to get an expert's opinion about job market's situation in the EU, prepare interviews to be calmer and more secure and take this period as an enriching professional period of my life. It was crucial to keep optimistic and persevere in the search of a job that fully matches my requirements.

Now, looking back to these days (months), I can say that they were not a waste of time, that it was a useful break during which I got a better overview about the market's situation in my field, I managed to do useful networking, and it helped to distinguish exactly what I wanted.

Eventually, I got a job that is a perfect match to my professional preferences and life priorities."


name withheld

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