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I guess my situation was very classical. I came to Brussels where my husband got a permanent job....

"A lot has been written and said about the situation of those who follow their partners abroad... without having a job themselves. I guess my situation was very classical. I came to Brussels where my husband got a permanent job.

I was very enthusiastic... had a car, a map on the passenger´s seat, a toddler Alex at the back, and I started to explore. Everyday a new park, a new playground, a museum on a rainy day. It was fun.

Then summer gave way to winter, and it started to be less fun: endless errands, finding a good dentist, a right person to do the fixtures, supplying, tending, mending, with just a few, and new friends to share the feelings with. Envied by many for the luxury of free time, I managed to get into a serious personal crisis. As so many others, I hear. And came out of it ready for a real start.

Well, my advice is: even if the family budget allows it, even if it is tempting to stay "free", make your own plans, nurture your dreams and start converting them into reality. As soon as the expat life is settled. As soon as possible. Watch and learn, but mostly, go and find the potential within you. Then the potential of the city and the country will match with you.

Learning French intensively helped me a lot. The teachers of the language school provided an excellent insight into the culture. Some co-students turned into friends. Equiped with French I joint a yoga class, a great immersion and passion in all senses.

I founded a book-club, something I always wanted to do, it encouraged me to write and share more. I started a web site with a blog got me focused on local culture and events. And, an added value, all that has meant more fun in life on every day basis. More independence."


Katarina, 44, teacher of yoga, writer, translator, from Bratislava, lives in Brussels

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