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Articles and tips that aim to help you with the relationship you have, or with one you hope to have in the future. Personal needs and communication with your partner will be the main focus.



 Articles within the topic:

While there are still disputes among professionals about whether emotional intelligence is any kind of true intelligence, and whether it is a set of skills or traits, there seems to be more agreement about the positive benefits of emotional intelligence upon one´s life, in relation to mental wellbeing, performance, and leadership potential.

If you would like to cultivate your own emotional intelligence, here are a few ideas on how to do it in everyday situations.



One thing that can hold people back from developing better self-esteem is their concern that they would turn into an arrogant person who looks at other people from above and acts at other people´s expense.

Self-esteem and arrogance are two different things. It is possible to be self-confident without insulting others.


If you are going for a vacation with your partner, family or friends, discussions might arise about how to spend the time. So what about trying this holiday season to fulfil everybody´s top 3 wishes for their desired form of relaxation?


Trust is not about having no fears. Trust is an active decision to take the risk and, despite some fears, to act according to your hopes.

  • How to ask your partner for the support you need
  • How to support your partner in a way that works for both of you


Sometimes partners do not give each other the kind of support they really need at that moment.


Are you feeling stuck with making a big, important decision? Have you already thought through all your options,  and are you struggling with choosing between them? Perhaps it all feels perplexing and too heavy and you keep circling through the same thoughts and feelings. The following article offers you a step-by-step guide on how to be thorough, yet get out of the circle and progress with your decision.


(devoted to those of you who feel unhappy in life and hope that the right partner will change it)



If you feel unhappy in life, you might be hoping that, some day, having the right person beside you, or having a child, may change it and finally make you happy.

But will it? Can anybody else make you happy if you do not feel generally happy on your own?

This article aims at helping you take the control over your happiness in life into your own hands, starting now.


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