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Articles in this category will help you to get to know yourself better, improve your self-confidence, and broaden your potential. Explore what you can actively do about your life.



 Articles within the topic:

(devoted to those of you who feel unhappy in life and hope that the right partner will change it)



If you feel unhappy in life, you might be hoping that, some day, having the right person beside you, or having a child, may change it and finally make you happy.

But will it? Can anybody else make you happy if you do not feel generally happy on your own?

This article aims at helping you take the control over your happiness in life into your own hands, starting now.


Are you feeling stuck with making a big, important decision? Have you already thought through all your options,  and are you struggling with choosing between them? Perhaps it all feels perplexing and too heavy and you keep circling through the same thoughts and feelings. The following article offers you a step-by-step guide on how to be thorough, yet get out of the circle and progress with your decision.



One thing that can hold people back from developing better self-esteem is their concern that they would turn into an arrogant person who looks at other people from above and acts at other people´s expense.

Self-esteem and arrogance are two different things. It is possible to be self-confident without insulting others.


Happy choices are usually those that are in harmony with your most important values. This article describes how values influence our long-term satisfaction or stress, and how knowing your values can help you make important decisions in life.


Trust is not about having no fears. Trust is an active decision to take the risk and, despite some fears, to act according to your hopes.


This article is meant for the moments when your work requires you to pay focused attention, and you struggle to do so. What can you do at such moments – and what in the long run – to concentrate more easily?


First of all, why do you want to change your procrastination* tendency? Putting your demanding tasks off and doing something else is more fun, isn´t it?

Apart from that, research has been suggesting that procrastination reduces with age. Wouldn´t this be enough to leave the topic for now and wait till you age enough to go and do your tasks?


If you want to do something about your procrastination now, then this article might be for you.


“There is more to life than tasks accomplished”, states one of the most inspiring books I have ever read in the field of coaching, and I would like to share a bit of its concept with you.

What is it, this “more to life”?


Changes are often postponed. So at the moment when we finally decide to do something, to change our lives, we want it quickly, immediately, now. We have no appetite for living as we used to: staying in the same job, or still unemployed, remaining in the same relationship, or the same country. But we know all too well that changes take time. So the question of today´s blog is:

How do you survive the time it takes till you achieve your remote goal?


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