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Articles in this category will help you to get to know yourself better, improve your self-confidence, and broaden your potential. Explore what you can actively do about your life.



 Articles within the topic:

The biggest pressures you can feel on your shoulders are likely to be those you have maintained there yourself: for example to be excellent in your job, to be a great father or a cool wife, to please other people, to live healthily, to stay calm no matter what your mother says, to get things done fast, to think positively, to be strong.



“God grant me the serenity
To accept the things I cannot change,
Courage to change the things I can,
And wisdom to know the difference.”

Serenity Prayer, written by Reinhold Niebuhr


Some things in life are beyond our control, the rest we can influence. Too often, our energy is wasted on trying to change the things we cannot control, while overlooking the changes we could have made.


After publishing the article Change the things you can, which was about having or not having influence on our lives, I was asked by several of you to write more about the topic of influence, and about what I meant by the word ‘influence’ as such.


Picture the following dialogue in a tense relationship:

A: Look, if you were different, things wouldn´t have got this bad. Sorry, but this is your fault: you are so stubborn!

B: You are so right. Now that you say it, I can see that it really is my fault. I am going to work on it from now on. Thanks for telling me and helping me improve.

Does that sound familiar to you? Unlikely. In real life, statement A will not lead to statement B.


Check it through the questions in this article.

You have a chance to achieve anything you wish if you: know what you want, focus on it, and persist.

But for all of those, you need to know yourself really well. That is why coaching, besides developing skills and planning action, always includes learning more about yourself.

What do you think? Do you know yourself well?


On your shelves and in your life, get rid of the waste, sweep the dust from the most important things, and place them well within reach.  The space will fill up with fresh air and sunshine.

This is the time for your great spring tidying up and a self-coaching exercise. Make yourself comfortable and devote 10 min to 3 questions that can help you with getting some positive spring action into your life.


Sadness, fear, anger, disappointment, exhaustion, loneliness. Sometimes we experience emotions that are not easy to deal with. What can one do when feeling bad?


While there are still disputes among professionals about whether emotional intelligence is any kind of true intelligence, and whether it is a set of skills or traits, there seems to be more agreement about the positive benefits of emotional intelligence upon one´s life, in relation to mental wellbeing, performance, and leadership potential.

If you would like to cultivate your own emotional intelligence, here are a few ideas on how to do it in everyday situations.


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