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You can achieve much more than just finding a job. Discover effective strategies that go far beyond checking online ads and sending hundreds of CVs.


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Previous experience with a similar type of work is an obvious advantage when applying for a job. However, one needs to start somewhere and it can be challenging to enter a new field and get your first jobs in it. Recent graduates, as well as anybody changing careers, find themselves in a challenging vicious-circle situation: no jobs without work experience, no work experience without jobs.

Do you also wonder how to reveal the truth about your lack of experience without losing credibility, and get those first work opportunities?


Clients often ask me whether there is anything they should avoid saying during a job interview. So I have put together a brief list of things I do not recommend saying to your potential employer.


You are considering a career change. You have an idea – or several ideas – for a new career direction. You have googled and read and thought about it, and observed the whole thing from a safe distance.

Now it’s time to test whether you would really like it!

This article offers a few ideas on how to get in touch with the reality of the new career you have been considering, before you make any serious commitments.


For effective investment into both present and future, your job search activities could focus on the following tasks:


While circumstances such as the current economic situation and labour market trends may be beyond your control, there are still many things that you can determine, and thus make your job search (even) more effective.

Whether you are seeking a job for the first time in your life or you already have work experience, you probably have several ideas about what you could do. This set of three basic articles about job search (Job search in a nutshell; 8 tasks; 5 essences) may offer you some additional tips and help you structure those ideas into a job search plan.


If you have time, read all the tips for selection procedures and job interviews here. If not, then read the following sentence:



The following 5 essences may help you stay motivated while working on 8 important tasks towards finding a good job.


Changes are often postponed. So at the moment when we finally decide to do something, to change our lives, we want it quickly, immediately, now. We have no appetite for living as we used to: staying in the same job, or still unemployed, remaining in the same relationship, or the same country. But we know all too well that changes take time. So the question of today´s blog is:

How do you survive the time it takes till you achieve your remote goal?


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Readers' Experience

Coaching for job search

A negative feedback for a final interview made me think that getting some coaching advice could help me to be prepared to jump successfully into the European scenario...


Job Search Abroad: Believe In Your Friends

I strongly recommend to arrange the job position you are interested in before you actually move to desired country.


The Journey from the Recent Graduation to My First Job

... I was looking forward to this new stage in my life. However, no-one tells you what will happen once you get your degree...


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