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Would you like to recharge your batteries after this winter? Katka Varsikova, an experienced yoga teacher, and I have prepared a relaxing weekend for you (Spring Recharge, 9-10th March 2013).

Here we share our views on how yoga and coaching can be used to regain energy, and why we have combined the two approaches.



Katka Varsikova, teacher of the ETY viniyoga school of Prof. Claude Maréchal (courses at the Centre Communataire de Chant d´Oiseau),

talks about yoga

Yoga means many things; above all, it is a way to unity: body, mind and soul are equal parts of our being, and we need to treat them all together. This is done mainly by respect and by small steps. Learning to breathe is the key element in yoga. We learn to listen to what the body is saying - because the body has a lot to say - and to enjoy the little steps we take. All the truth lies in the present moment, all experience is an opportunity to grow.

Yoga is a way of getting to know our true self, by getting in touch with intuition, with the silence that resides in every being. There isn’t a competition in viniyoga, but there is a joy of acceptance, of evolution. Yoga also means celebrating life in its infinite moments and forms on the mat. And it goes beyond the hour spent on the mat; it gets into everyday life and it is the light accompanying our journey. That´s what I find is the best about it.


Aneta Peromingo, career & life coach at SmallBigChange,

talks about coaching


Coaching can be very efficient when it comes to dealing with stress and regaining energy at work or in one’s private life.

There are several coaching techniques that can help instantly in difficult moments. They include practical preparation for expected situations or simple artistic or breathing techniques for relaxation. Sometimes the stress is caused by old attitudes or beliefs that were useful to you, but no longer are. Coaching can help you transform them.

The objective of coaching is also to help you improve and maintain your vitality in everyday life. That includes bringing into your life more things that give you energy, and fewer of those that take it away. This does not necessarily mean adding more activities into your busy schedule, sometimes it is enough to make tiny changes in the activities you are already doing.

Coaching can help you to find what would be the most effective and realistic changes for you.


Why the combination of yoga and coaching?

We consider coaching and yoga to be two different and compatible paths that can be used for the common objective of the weekend stay: Recharge. Different yoga and coaching techniques will be scheduled in rotation and will offer you:

  • deep relaxation and energy revival during the two days;
  • connecting with your true self and discovering your inner resources for the long run;
  • an opportunity to try out both approaches on the same weekend and see how they work for you.


To register or to learn more about the Spring Recharge weekend, click here.


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