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How to make small changes with a big impact. Tips regarding daily working life, relationships and motivation. Enjoy your work more than ever before.


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Yes, it can happen to you too. It can and does happen to anybody, including CEOs, presidents and Nobel Prize winners. Once or several times in your life, you are likely to face a time when you lose or give up a contract and need to seek a new job.



1. Formulate your main objective for the next half year, and write it down somewhere where you can see it every time you have a look at your tasks.


Whether taking time off or not, the summer season at work usually differs from the rest of the year. It brings special challenges as well as opportunities. There are three things for which summer time is particularly good: fully switching off from work - even if only for a few days; learning something new about yourself; and using these previous two to make a change in your work life. 


You have been preparing for a performance, a business presentation or a public speech. Now the time is here and you are going onto the stage. What can you do at the last moment to make yourself less nervous?


The biggest pressures you can feel on your shoulders are likely to be those you have maintained there yourself: for example to be excellent in your job, to be a great father or a cool wife, to please other people, to live healthily, to stay calm no matter what your mother says, to get things done fast, to think positively, to be strong.


I hope there were some moments this summer when you felt really relaxed and your mind felt refreshed. Were there?

Great ideas love appearing at moments like that.


SMART is a broadly used mnemonic for setting objectives. For the first time, it was probably used in 1981, by George T. Doran.

The letters mean:

S - Specific

M - Measurable

A - Attainable

R - Relevant

T - Timely


Trust is not about having no fears. Trust is an active decision to take the risk and, despite some fears, to act according to your hopes.


Use the 5 minutes at the end of your work hours, and prevent your mind being busy with work for the rest of the day and night.


First of all, why do you want to change your procrastination* tendency? Putting your demanding tasks off and doing something else is more fun, isn´t it?

Apart from that, research has been suggesting that procrastination reduces with age. Wouldn´t this be enough to leave the topic for now and wait till you age enough to go and do your tasks?


If you want to do something about your procrastination now, then this article might be for you.


Here are six different strategies to bring excitement and drive back into your working life.

If you were to choose one of the strategies and try doing something small this week, what would it be?


Changes are often postponed. So at the moment when we finally decide to do something, to change our lives, we want it quickly, immediately, now. We have no appetite for living as we used to: staying in the same job, or still unemployed, remaining in the same relationship, or the same country. But we know all too well that changes take time. So the question of today´s blog is:

How do you survive the time it takes till you achieve your remote goal?


Improving relationships at work

Conflict with a colleague can sap a lot of energy and significantly lower your satisfaction at work.

If you know that healing a difficult relationship with your colleague would improve your working life, it might be worth trying to have a constructive dialogue. The following article may help you prepare and structure the talk.


This article is meant for the moments when your work requires you to pay focused attention, and you struggle to do so. What can you do at such moments – and what in the long run – to concentrate more easily?


Big tidying-up at your workplace


Tidying up at home includes the old spring cleaning classics: reorganizing the wardrobes, shoe shelves and kitchen drawers, wiping the hidden corners, airing the duvets and letting the breeze in through the wide-open windows.

The principle can be pretty much the same when applied to your career and life.


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