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Whether taking time off or not, the summer season at work usually differs from the rest of the year. It brings special challenges as well as opportunities. There are three things for which summer time is particularly good: fully switching off from work - even if only for a few days; learning something new about yourself; and using these previous two to make a change in your work life. 



A typical summer scenario may combine holiday dreams, sun and relaxation and, on the other hand, logistical challenges, such as negotiations with colleagues about “who can be off when”; covering weeks of kids´ school holidays; considering budgets and schedules of your partner, family and friends... Before which, there are plenty of tasks and deadlines that must be met.


An alternative scenario might be that for different reasons, (new job, extra demanding position, budget, holiday taken earlier ...), you take no time off this summer. In that case, the challenge can be 35°C in the office or an air-conditioning system that causes sore-throats and backache, or cold and rainy days filled with tasks compounded by those of your colleagues and assistants who are actually on holiday.


No matter which scenario applies, why not do the following three things this summer?


  • Disconnect from work. Completely, at least for a while. Make some time when you are really off your job: be it two months, a week, or two weekends, whatever you can afford. Be consistent and make yourself unreachable: no checking e-mails, no following office news, switch your work-phone off. Ideally, change your place. Make sure to avoid doing anything that is directly linked to your career. Everybody can do that, at least for three days of this summer! No matter how busy or important you are, this might be the best thing you can do for your private life, as well as for your work team, performance and career.


  • Connect with yourself. Learn something new about yourself from a summer experience that has made an impact on you. Have you taken a trip or taken part in a particularly relaxing activity that boosted your energy? Great! Now give it a bit of thought and reflection: what was it exactly that made you feel so great? What was the essence (being among people? creative action? overcoming your own fear?) What happened, and what did you do to cause it to happen? Learn from it what you can do to boost your energy when needed.


  • Make one significant change, starting now. If you could change one thing about your current working life to make it more meaningful, what would that be? What could you do actively to kick off such a change?


Summertime and holidays help you get fresh air into your system, bringing new insights and ideas, and also motivation. Don’t let this valuable energy disappear.


Consider using coaching to give your ideas and wishes a clear shape and the professional touch that will help you keep on track. Contact me to try out one session and, if you find it useful, we can arrange regular meetings or work intensively over a shorter time.

Start the change right now.

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